Cannabis Conversation with AO Parter George Sellhorn - PhD

Dr. George Sellhorn is a partner at AO, the licensed i502 manufacturer of CPC products for Washington state.

This is the first of a series of videos where we will explore Cannabis science, biomedical research, and the pharmacology of Cannbinoids with Dr. Sellhorn.

As a senior scientist at the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute and Principle Investigator at Zwitter technology he brings his expertise in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, biochemistry, and product development to Absolute Origin. His experience working to improve drugs for conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Leukemia, Cancer, and AIDS, allows Absolute Origin to make C.P.C. products work their best for you. Read about how George became involved in Cannabis science;

"I believe very strongly in the ability of the Cannabis plant to enrich one’s health and well-being at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. My life became entwined with this special herb after I planted and grew the first seed I found in a bag of what was usually seedless “Kind” bud as it was called back in 1993. My interest in Cannabis cultivation and plant-derived medicine blossomed from this interaction. A few years later during my last semester in college when I was finishing my baccalaureate in plant biology I was exposed to the field of plant physiology and biochemistry and I immediately knew that I wanted to go on to graduate school to do plant research with the hope of one day applying that knowledge to the study, characterization and application of Cannabis/cannabinoids/whole plant extracts as medicine, despite the legal climate of the time. After finishing my Ph.D. in 2006 the job outlook was still non-existent in the legitimate Cannabis field if one was interested in researching the benefits of Cannabis so I moved into the field of biotechnology where I have worked extensively on the development of an HIV vaccine, multiple sclerosis, inflammation and multiple cancer pathologies.
In 2010 I began looking for an MMJ dispensary to take my excess Cannabis flowers to give for donation and I was lucky enough to walk into the CPC and meet Jeremy and Ben. As the years went by we developed an outstanding collaborative relationship and when I-502 legislation became a reality, Jeremy and Ben asked if I would like to join the company so I became a minority owner in Absolute Oils shortly after. My medical research interests include the use of cannabinoids as therapy for cancer, neuroprotection and inflammation. In addition, I am a staunch advocate for clean growing practices that eliminate the use of harmful products from the cultivation process entirely whether that be from illegal, toxic pesticides or fertilizers/boosters that contain toxic ingredients. My primary goal at Absolute Oils is to help provide people with exceptional information and the most up-to-date research to help aid them with the application of cannabinoids as medicine. In addition, I will strive to help develop the most biologically active, reproducible and safe cannabinoid products on the market today."

George Sellhorn - Ph.D. Molecular Plant Sciences (2006) Washington State University, Pullman