A Letter From Jeremy Kaufman

Below is a letter from The CPC co-founder Jeremy Kaufman about our work getting CPC products to the i502 market.

Hello Friends!!

    I hope this finds you well and healthy. First, I need to express my eternal gratitude to you for your never-ending support since our inception in 2009. If it were not for you, The C.P.C.  would not be here today. I truly wish we could all live lives without the need of assistance, but as we all know, we all break down eventually and need help. So I also deeply feel the need to apologize. Since 2009 we have been serving you without interruption. The road to 502 was much longer and arduous than we could have ever anticipated. So for any discomfort you have experienced due to the lapse in service the past few months, I am truly sorry. But I am elated to be letting you know the wait is almost over!

As we evolve The C.P.C. out of Cannabis into a federally recognized not-for-profit educational and wellness organization, things only get better. Absolute Origin (better known as AO) has been manufacturing our award winning products the past 7 years and will continue to produce them in 502. We are currently hand selecting our retailers, one by one, based on their true ability to serve you. They are sampling the products now and will be placing initial orders soon. You will be the first to know when and where C.P.C products are available. If you have a local retailer that you need C.P.C. products available at, please don’t hesitate to let them and us know.

Another exciting development is the addition of published biochemist Dr. George Sellhorn to the Absolute Origin team. As a senior scientist at the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute and Principle Investigator at Zwitter technology he brings his expertise in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and process development to Absolute Origin. His expertise allows Absolute Origin to truly hone in on how to, molecule by molecule, make C.P.C.  products work their best for you.

As always, we will continue to be here for you night and day. Never hesitate to contact us directly with your questions.  Your health and wellness is our number one goal. We have a lot of goals here at The C.P.C. but they all ultimately boil down to one simple concept, make the world a better place with everything you do. Getting you the products you need to get back to being your best, being with your families, accomplishing your goals, and loving your life makes the world a better place. With every moment of wellness you experience with our products we achieve our goal, and hopefully are a part of you achieving yours. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of the C.P.C.’s story, letting us be a part of yours, and making the world a better place for every creature large and small.


Jeremy Kaufman  

We will continue to create multimedia content that brings you inside the community of The CPC and the Washington Cannabis Industry. Below is one of our first pieces, a brief conversation with Jeremy about wellness.