CPC brand products are the preferred choice for Daily Wellness.

The Center for Palliative Care is known and respected as one of Washington’s first medical Cannabis access points. We are born from Washington State's pioneering medical Cannabis patients who joined together as collectives in the name of community health.

Our mission is

to deliver the knowledge you want,

the wellness you need. 

    From 2008-2016 we held daily private consultations with Washington state medical Cannabis consumers in order to build them the products they could trust. From this came a line of over 25 infused Cannabis products. Over 70 access points across the state helped us provide CBD capsules, CBD tinctures, 1:1 CBD/THC tinctures, THC-a Tinctures, terpene enhanced capsules, Cannabis oil infused suppositories, and high THC therapeutic gels. The CPC has grown into a wellness non profit that operates outside of the Cannabis industry. The product formulations and processes as well as The CPC logo are licensed to AO to manufacture for the Washington i502 market. You can view available products here.

    Today The experience and knowledge of CPC lives on through the infused Cannabis products it provided, now available in Washington retail Cannabis stores.

    Since 2008 we have been living out our mission in two ways

    1. Provide members with access to cannabis and information about it.
    2. Communicate with members to create a consistently effective cannabis experience, and a comfortable environment to learn about the plant.

    In regards to #2 we no longer have our cozy space in Georgetown to consult with and learn from Cannabis  patients. We are working hard to create and grow channels of communication with and through our retail partners so we can continue to manufacture the products you need.