A vape cart for everyone, that supports local veterans.

A report by the VA estimates that 22 veterans may die from suicide every day.*

Help fight this epidemic with the 22RVC, a vape cartridge by PTSD survivors for quick accessible relief.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this cartridge goes to support local veterans.

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Twenty22Many Founder, Veteran, and Advocate Patrick Seifert gave over a thousand free vape carts to PTSD survivors if they promised to journal about their experiences. The 22RVC is a continuation of his work. Participants are encouraged to track their personal experience to provide feedback for our product development team and support to the community. Visit https://www.twenty22many-olympia.org/  and www.aocannabis.com/22rvc to learn more, and check out the map below for stores that carry the vape cartridges.