Education and Advocacy at Dockside Shoreline

Stop by Dockside Shoreline for a dose of education and advocacy.

The CPC and Dockside Cannabis have a long history that dates back to the earliest of days in Washington state medical Cannabis. They have always given us so much love and support and have been a critical part of our growth.

We are so honored to be back into the Washington Cannabis market right alongside our old partners. The Dockside experience is alive and thriving just the way we remember it. On a recent stop at Dockside Shoreline we were

  1. calm and centered in the peaceful layout and feel of the store
  2. pleasantly surprised to find this business card encouraging consumers to contact the WSLCB.
  3. engaged and impressed with the terpene education station.

Each terpene card had a pleasant diagram of

- smell and taste -

- associated effects -

- places where the Terpene naturally occurs -

- strains of Cannabis the Terpene occurs in -