Greater Than the Sum

combine CPC products to create the effect you need. 

The CPC products were created only with the help of medical cannabis patients willing to come into our Georgetown location and speak with us about their cannabis use. This allowed us to build products, collect feedback, and make the products better.

The red line was developed by patients dealing with neuropathy, spasticity, lethargy, and depression from Multiple Sclerosis, degenerative nerve diseases, and other conditions.
The blue line was by patients dealing with anxiety, muscle pain, and digestive issues.
The black line was developed by patients dealing with inflammation, or red and blue line issues that were helped by the addition of CBD.
We have added a high CBD purple line to enable you to increase the amount of CBD in your regimen.

While they each came from specific patient needs, the resulting family of products is a tool kit for wellness.

You are in the drivers seat, make sure to drive.

Hone in on a structured dosing regimen that fits your life. Take the time to start low, go slow, and build up to maximum relief. Utilize a combination of different product types and doses to find your sweet spot.

For when

10mg is too little

15mg is too much


12.5mg is just what you are looking for.


Mix n' Match to get where you need to be.

CPC products offer you the power of the whole plant in a controlled system. We create consistent and precisely dosed products from cannabis oil rich in cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial compounds, not distillate. Patients that incorporate CPC products into their wellness regimen often utilize a combination of the red , blue, and black product lines.

Today you may consume 12.5mg of the red

Tomorrow 10mg black and 2.5mg red,

Some day you may want 7.5mg red and 5mg blue.

Conditions are not static

Symptoms change, people change, the weather changes. The world is not static and neither are the conditions you are dealing with. Whatever side of the bed you wake up on, you can trust CPC products will be precise and consistent. The more you track your symtpoms, document your experience, and share your story the more precise your Cannabis use can be. You can also play a critical role in normalizing Cannabis and making it more accessible to those who can benefit from it.

The precision is in our products, the power is in your hands.