CPC capsules are now available at two locations!

CPC capsule products are now available at Canna West Seattle and Ponder in the Central District of Seattle. We value our retail partnerships and have chosen these stores because we are confident in their ability to serve you. We have also heard directly from you what additional stores you would like to see our products in, and we are working hard to make that happen. 

CBD Cannabis Oil Capsules The CPC

Remember to start low, go slow, and to be intentional about your use. Note how the products affect you and adjust accordingly. Find the dose that allows you to achieve the relief you need without unwanted psychoactivity. We've brought a PhD biochemist on as a partner and our products are more effective than ever. The capsules are 2.5mg and 5mg to give you even more precision and control over your daily regimen.

CPC brand i502 Indica Cannabis oil capsules
CPC brand i502 CBD Cannabis oil capsules
CPC brand i502 Sativa Cannabis oil capsules