Equity Permit Program in Oakland directs Cannabis licenses to those affected by Drug War

Cannabis fan leaves underneath T5 fluorescent lights

As Cannabis reform sweeps across the country licensing schemes and requirements are always carefully considered. A common component of these gauntlets usually involves the elimination of applicants with convicted felonies or drug related crimes. 

Oakland California rethinks Cannabis permit allocation methods by earmarking permits for those affected by the drug war.

The City Council of Oakland California has put a bit more thought into the issue and reconsidered this idea. In an amendment recently passed, Oakland will reward every other permit to those recently jailed for Cannabis crimes, and those located in particular Oakland districts identified to be harder hit by the war on drugs.

Some have criticized council member Desley Brooks who introduced the amendment as favoring her own districts. They argue that it will create a second class of disadvantaged business owners. Others argue it is too early to know how the change will impact Oakland's medical Cannabis market.


Matt CarlucciComment