Finding and Creating Cannabis Community

Our attention has been on getting CPC products to the market. Now that we are out of the starting gate we can't wait to get reconnected with the Cannabis community.

Once the pieces were in place for us to start manufacturing CPC Cannabis products for the i502 market, we immediately began working to build and grow channels of communication with our patient and consumer base. We no longer have The CPC consultation offices in Georgetown. Those rooms, while small and humble, were where we took direction. The conversations we had with medical Cannabis patients from all over Washington state guided our product development. The CPC Capsules, Tinctures, Suppositories, Lotions, and Caramels were created in response to patient requests.

Now we are in a new market. Some call it the "i502 market" others call it "recreational marijuana"or "the adult use market". While it may take us a while to figure out what to call it, it did not take long for us to understand that the sheer volume and immensity of the market makes it tougher to find and create authentic relationships. That is why we were so thrilled to take part in West Coast Wellness 2 year Birthday Celebration

West Coast Wellness Cannabis Store Bellingham Anniverary Party

The sense of community at West Coast Wellness' 2nd birthday celebration was palpable. Everyone was smiling, chatting, and genuinely happy to be there.

Balloons in front of TV, Cake, and CPC Banner
Cut up vanilla and chocolate split cake 2 year anniversary

We have to admit we were a little nervous stepping out into the world with our products. It had been years since medical Cannabis as we knew it existed. Were we too late? Do people care about Cannabis capsules? Will they understand why Cannabis suppositories are important? Do people still make sacrifices to help others? Does anything matter besides making money? We are happy to report that our nerves have been calmed. Just like at West Coast Wellness, we have been finding retailers all over the state that are compassionate, enthusiastic, smart, and genuinely interested in helping their consumers be well.  The process is still extensive. We have been providing samples of our Indica, Sativa, and CBD capsules to the retail partners we know can best serve you. Currently they are available for purchase at Canna West Seattle, Ponder, and West Coast Wellness with more retail stores coming online soon.  Sign up for our email newsletter to get the most up to date information.

The CPC Indica Cannabis Capsule Packaging
CPC Cannabis capsule retail merchandising at West Coast Wellness
West Coast Wellness Bellingham 2nd Anniversary poster
Trevor Jacovino West Coast Wellness Deepwater Botanicals Shirt
CPC brand Cannabis packaging and advertising
Cannabis Strain menu chalkboard and CPC Cannabis capsule packaging