Travel size "Try Me" Tincture now available.

The cost effective trial size tinctures are the perfect intro to Tinctures.

We have been receiving non-stop positive feedback on our trial size topical so we decided to release a trial size tincture. We call them the "Try Me" products. These little bottles have 20mg of THC in our Blue and Red blend or our 20mg of CBD and THC in our black line CBD/THC 1:1.

Each dropper full is a 5mg dose so you have complete control over your experience.

Our tinctures are cannabis oil blended in grapeseed oil with a dash of lemon oil for increased uptake and effect. When held under the tongue, cannabinoids in the tincture can be absorbed through the gums. This will lead to a quicker onset of effects than an edible product.

The CPC products are designed to be combined and layered so that you get the exact effect you are looking for. Try a dose, and if it doesn't work out, it is easily adjustable. Did we mention we were nominated for best Sublingual/Topical company? Vote daily and spread wellness!

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