A vape cartridge for everyone, that supports local vets.

AO has released the 22 Rescue Vape Cartridge.

A decade of Cannabis manufacturing knowledge went into creating the "Day" and "Night" oil blends for the carts. Both of the blends consists of broad spectrum cannabis oil with cannabinoid and terpene profiles geared towards Day and Night activity. 

A portion of the proceeds from each cart are donated to the non-profit Twenty22Many Olympia. The veteran advocacy and support group started the PTSpen project back in the days of pre-i502 Washington medical cannabis. They gave over a thousand vape carts away to people with PTSD if they promised to journal about their experience. For some, the vape cart was a grounding and supportive tool to have nearby as they went about their day. For others, it helped them sleep through the night without night terrors. 

This product is a continuation of their work. It is no longer just for those with PTSD. It is for anyone dealing with conditions in life that could be helped with vaporized CBD and THC rich Cannabis oils

Find the 22RVC at the retailers listed here, and keep reading below to learn about the 1st Annual Veterans Day Hero Celebration Cruise. 

– 1st Annual Veterans Day Hero Celebration Cruise – 

The Cannabis Community Saying β€œThank You!” Like Only We Know How To

From the Facebook Event Page,

"On Saturday November 11th (Veterans Day) the Cannabis Community will be treating their favorite Veterans & their Spouses to a 'Sunset Dinner Cruise' on The Spirit of '76 in Seattle.

Do you have a favorite Veteran in your life that you would like to say thank you too? This event on Veterans Day is JUST FOR YOU! For the price of just $22 a ticket you will receive the following for your favorite Veteran.

  • 3 Hour Sunset Cruise on 'The Spirit of '76' in Seattle waters
  • Dinner and Beverages
  • Entertainment
  • DJ Ben Pasquan
  • Transportation if needed for Veterans
  • CannaBus
  • If weather allows a beautiful Sunset
  • FREE souvenir photo & swag bags

Click here to register for the event.