We gave away your Social Security number, can we have your medical information too?

On May 5th The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis board accidentally released a trove of personal information on Cannabis license applicants. The data breach included social security numbers, bank account numbers, and tax information. 

John Novak runs the site 420leaks, a blog dedicated to exposing the "corruption and secrecy" of the government's handling of Cannabis. He requested publicly available information on the second round of Cannabis retail license applicants. Upon receiving the documents from the WSLCB he entered them into the 420leaks.com database. It was not until June 1st that the WSLCB realized they had sent documents without redacting sensitive information such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, and tax information. They were lucky enough to be working with a well intentioned person such as Mr. Novak who cooperated and immediately removed the documents. Unfortunately, no one can be assured how many times and by whom the documents were downloaded or viewed when they were posted. Our founder and license applicant Jeremy Kaufman received the following letter from the WSLCB regarding the data breach. The subsequent pages have been removed. They included information for redeeming a free 1 year membership to Experian Identity protection, as well as information on other measures to protect your credit and identity.

Washington Liquor and Cannabis board data breach letter to Jeremy Kaufman

Before this breach Washington State was already being challenged for forcing medical patients to submit their medical information to a state database. This security lapse does tremendous damage to the trustworthiness of the Washington State bureaucratic systems put in place to handle the Cannabis market.