Under what circumstances would someone use a cannabis suppository?


Since 2008 we have been meeting one-on-one with Washington medical cannabis patients in order to engineer products they could trust...

The original CPC patients who utilized suppositories did so for effective absorption, and local application of Cannabinoids. Some of these patients

  • Had trouble swallowing capsules or edibles

  • Had digestive systems which did not efficiently absorb Cannabinoid content.

  • Wanted a local application of Cannabinoids to the colon or uterus. Sometimes this was when dealing with endometriosis, cervical cancer, or colo-rectal cancer.

Below is a step by step guide we have constructed based on conversations with CPC patients about their use.


Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap, even if you’ll be using gloves.

Step 2: Put on latex glove or finger cot. We always recommend using disposable glove or a Finger cot.

Step 3: Pull the suppository open by gripping the bottom flaps and pulling them away from each other.

Step 4: If needed apply a water based lubricant.

Step 5: Insert the Suppository into the rectum. Some people find it easier if they lay on their side and pull their leg up to their chest. When inserting the suppository you will want to make it past the sphincter (usually at least an inch into the rectum) to make sure it doesn’t come out.

Step 6: Lay on your side for a few minutes this will help keep the suppository from sliding out before it melts.

Step 7: Remove any gloves or finger cots and wash your hands.