the Cannabinoid rich oil from the female Cannabis plant can be prepared for consumption in a variety of ways. USE this info on methods of ingestion TO ensure proper dosage and desired effect.

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Talk to your doctor, your primary care physician, specialist, chiropractic, naturopathic, homeopathic, doctor!

  • Be honest about what Cannabis you use and how you use it. You are paying them to help you in your health. Do you use topicals? Mention it. Do you wish you smoked less? Mention it.

These are some terms and context so that you can discuss the methods of combustion with your doctor, your friends, your family, or CPC assistants, consultants, and members.


Combustion is a high temperature reaction also known as burning. Cannabis could be ground up and... lit on fire. The resulting smoke is breathed into the lungs through a smoking device.   

This is why you should talk to your doctor, because they will likely tell you you should NEVER do this! There are certainly rare situations when they could advise it. but burning a plant and inhaling the results are a price to pay for the perceived effects;

  • faster onset
  • medium to good control over dosing
  • ritualistic and social


Vaporization is considered to be a less abrasive cousin to combustion. Rather than burning all of the plant matter in order to breath in the Cannabinoids, vaporization involves heating up the plant matter only to the point where the Cannabinoids vaporize. The result is a much lighter, cooler vapor that contains less extra compounds than results from combusting

Almost any scenario where combustion is used, vaporization could potentially replace it. The biggest issue will probably be deciding what vaporizer to use. They come in many different styles and functionalities. Read Duncan's explanation of the Vape Pen to get a clearer picture on the style that works for you.

  • Small pocket sized or large table top? Vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes. While a small portable vape pen might suit your needs on the go, a sturdy tabletop Volcano might provide the durability and control you need.
More Reading - Duncan provides and explanation of the vape pen.
  • Just dry flower or flower and extract? Do you want to vaporize ground up flower, or do you want to vaporize oils and concentrates? Some do one or the other, some have adapters for both.
  • Simple and cheap or advanced and high tech? Attend the right Cannabis event and someone may be giving away low cost single use vape pens for free. Attend a different one and someone may be trying to sell you their $300 high tech model with a lifetime warranty. Consider the frequency and manner in which you are going to use your vaporization tool and choose the investment that is right for you.


Ingesting Cannabis implies consuming food, drink, or edible product that is infused with Cannabis extract. One of the most common reasons for ingesting Cannabis is to avoid the inhaling of hot smoke and burnt plant. Some of the most common issues around ingesting Cannabis is the variance in

  • time until onset
  • duration of effect
  • dosing across batches

With experience, the variance in time until onset and duration can be used to be intentional and precise with your cannabis ingestion. Find products that you can trust to effect you a certain way for a certain period of time, and they become tools for building a lifestyle of wellness.

Dosing across batches may still be an in ssue of you are producing, processing, or infusing products with your own Cannabis. The Center for Palliative Care worked with the i502 licensed processor Absolute Oils to create a line of products that is proven precise and consistent.

Absorption (Tinctures / Topical)

The two most common methods of ingesting Cannabis that involve absorption are

  • sublingual (under the tongue the tongue) - The most common product used sublingually is a tincture. These are Cannabis infused oils that are dosed drop by drop beneath the tongue. By allowing the tincture to stay in your mouth and saturate your gums, some of the Cannabinoids will enter the bloodstream through the gums. The rest of the tincture can be swallowed and the active ingredients absorbed through the digestive tract.
  • transdermal (across the skin) - Applying Cannabis infused lotions, salves, rubs, and oils to the skin is a great way to maintain the effects of Cannabis without additional or unwanted psychoactivity. By applying an infused product to a local area, you can supplement the effects you find in ingested or combusted Cannabis without adding to the cerebral "high". Some transdermal products are designed for maximum absorption into the bloodstream and can have psychoactive effects but most Cannabis topicals come infused with essential oils such as rosemary or tea tree to create unique effects for specific purposes.