A line of golden Cannabis Capsules

Washington state permits hundreds of businesses to sell Cannabis. use these suggestions to find a store that suits your needs.






Consider that almost all of the shops will have the bases covered; dried herb, pre-rolled cannabis, oils, concentrated extracts, infused food and drink. Look for clues as to what each particular shop claims is it's specialty. Another way to identify this is look at what the organization claims as it's values. These values will influence the retail experience.

  • an extended cost effective offering
  • unique premium items
  • extra friendly service, etc.

Find some pictures! Use Leafly, Yelp, Weedmaps, and Google Image Search to find interior and exterior photos of a shop you are considering. Check Google Street view, is there parking an easy access? Different stores have taken unique approaches in the style of their store, the construction and finishes of the interior, and the overall retail experience. 

  • functional and convenient
  • calm and lounge feeling
  • up beat and modern
  • local and comfortable
  • unique and adventurous






Two airplanes over a purple and peach sunset in Georgetown Seattle Washington


people all over the world know cannabis is legal in washington and they are travelling here to try it. so whether you just touched down at seatac or are a seattle native who supports local industry, use these tools to make a choice that suits your style.




Check the Stranger! The Stranger is a weekly Seattle alternative newspaper known to brim with over the top culture, interesting Seattle events and stories, opinions and advice, and Cannabis ads! Pick up a copy at almost any local business or busy street corner. Every issue has tons of Cannabis store advertisements. The ads give you an idea of the vibe each store is putting out, and may also touch on their values, prices, location, and offering. They also publish a quarterly green guide.

Word of Mouth! Ask the people you know if they have been to any shops and what their experience is like. Hearing about a Cannabis store from someone you know will be a lot more straightforward. Find out what exactly they went in looking for, and what kind of experience they were met with.





Do they care? Ask the shop how they support the local community they are operating in. Do they donate to local community programs? Do they employ people from the neighborhood they operate in? Do they make charitable donations to organizations you care about? Corporate Social Responsibility should be abound in the Cannabis industry. The consumer can encourage this by purchasing from businesses that prescribe to the Triple Bottom Line.