What DOEs THE CPC Stand for?

The Center for Palliative Care was Washington's first licensed Cannabis dispensary that emerged only with the support of Washington's early medical Cannabis community. It was known as the place where budtenders send their parents and grandparents.  Each day we held one-on-one conversations with Washington state authorized medical cannabis patients to

- build products they could trust -

- ask questions about their experience -

- make the products more effective - 

Over 88 million mg's of Cannabinoid content were utilized by patients from 2008-2016 and they helped us develop a line of over 25 unique products. We worked with young and old, do-it-yourself organic gardeners, primary care physicians, oncologists, nuerologists, city and state officials, and the bold medical Cannabis pioneers of Washington state.

Our mission is

to deliver the knowledge you want,

the wellness you need.

What is The CPC today?

The CPC now functions outside of Cannabis. It is a non profit organization that exists to empower the public in their journey to wellness. We support and sustain the important conversations about physical and mental health, happiness, diet, exercise, mindfulness, compassion, and connection. The intellectual property and logo of The CPC are licensed to Absolute Origin to manufacture Cannabis products for the i502 market in Washington State.


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