Washington State Medical Marijuana Product Compliance

What are the designations for medical and non medical Cannabis products? who can purchase which types of products? What are the requirements for making or purchasing compliant products?

Check out this simple chart provided by the Washington State department of Health. It helps distinguish the different products that can be purchased by a standard adult consumer and someone who has registered in the database and received a recognition card.

Washington Department of Health Medical Marijuana product compliance chart

Washington Department of Health General Use cannabis product compliant logo

General use products are those approved by the WSLCB for sale at retail Cannabis stores. They can be purchased by anyone 21 years and older with a valid ID. Doses are limited to 10mg per serving with a limit of 100mg per package. Retailers of compliant products can make available records pertaining to the growing, treatment, and extraction of the products sold in their store, just ask!

High CBD compliant product logo department of health

High CBD products are approved by the WSLCB for sale at retail Cannabis stores that meet the following criteria

  • concentrates that contain no more than 2% THC and at least 25 times as much CBD
  • Infused edibles that contain no more than 2mg of active THC and at least five times more CBD per serving.
  • Any topical product containing at least five times as much CBD as THC

Washington Cannabis Department of Health high THC compliant logo

High THC compliant products are currently rare but can contain up to 50mg per serving and no more than 500mg total in the package. As noted in the above chart, products labeled as high THC can only be purchased by patients and their designated providers who have a valid recognition card. This means they brought their valid doctors authorization to a retail Cannabis store with a "medical endorsement", and were entered in the patient registry.