For 8 years we held one-on-one conversations with Washington Medical Cannabis patients in order to

- build them products they could trust -
- ask them questions about their experience -
- make the products more effective -

the result was a line of products that are used together to create a custom wellness regimen that fits your life.


When you want to be well you need a product that is simple, effective, and consistent. CPC capsules are precisely dosed for a consistent effect you can trust.



Control is critical and tinctures provide it. CPC Tinctures deliver the same oil blend as the capsules but the onset can be quicker and the dropper gives you complete control over your dose.


We designed a minimal ingredient water based topical gel to deliver CBD and THC directly to the intended site. 


CPC Caramels are award winning and provide highly bioavailable Cannabinoids for your regimen.


Most of us will never use a Cannabis suppository but they can be absolutely critical for those who need them. It is the most efficient way for your body to absorb Cannabinoids and allows for a direct application to the uterus or colon. 

AO manufactures CPC products in Washington. Click here to learn about more AO products like the 22 Rescue Vape Cartridge.  A portion of the sale of every cartridge goes to support local veterans.