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CBD Capsules

Our CBD capsules contain olive oil and CO2 extracted CBD oil. Many people who take our products rely on the consistency and precision. We engineered the product line with them in mind. Use the various doses to build a regimen that suits your lifestyle.

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Since 2009 we have been working to create Cannabis and Hemp based products that enhance the wellness of people dealing with a variety of life's symptoms. Our product are built to be empowering, simple, and effective.


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CBD Tinctures

Our CBD Tinctures contain grapeseed oil, CO2 extracted CBD oil, and lemon zest. The dropper allows for varied dosing from small drops to large amounts.  It can be placed directly beneath the tongue for rapid onset, or in food or drink for standard ingestion.

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People who use CBD tinctures are in ultimate control of their regimen. The precise dosing makes this CBD tincture a great supplement to an existing THC regimen. Find your sweet spot and get back to you.