Stop and Thinq is a database of content meant to serve as an educational tool. It documents and explores the experience of those affected by Cannabis policies and culture. In order to build the educational tool we intend this be, we are focusing on three things.

Collect β€“ Facilitate the creation and collection of content in an open and universal manner. This includes varied forms (video, audio, stories, conversations, questions) and varied perspectives (Cannabis users, non-users, medical professionals, friends and family, and whoever else we run into)

Compile β€“ Store, transcribe, edit, organize, and make the volume of content more palpable

Project β€“ Use the content to educate those that influence Cannabis policy and culture. Familiarize the public with Cannabis users so that those who decide to approach Cannabis may do so without fear of judgment or stigmatization.

β€œWhat started to change for me was that people noticed that I smiled more and what I noticed was that I hurt less.”
Kathleen, 62

These are "archetype" characters we have created based on thousands of interactions. They are meant cause introspection and build a space where people feel comfortable contributing.  More specific content can be viewed below. You can start participating immediately

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