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CPC products are designed to be taken together, layered, or combined.

The protocol is tailored for you. Customization helps you avoid side effects like dry mouth, red eyes, the munchies, lethargy, or feeling “high.”

The red line was developed by patients dealing with neuropathy, spasticity, lethargy, and depression from Multiple Sclerosis, degenerative nerve diseases, and other conditions.
The blue line was by patients dealing with anxiety, muscle pain, and digestive issues.
The black line was developed by patients dealing with inflammation, or red and blue line issues that were helped by the addition of CBD.
We have added a high CBD purple line to enable you to increase the amount of CBD in your regimen.

While they each came from specific patient needs, the resulting family of products is a tool kit for wellness.

The precision is in our products, the power is in your hands.

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