Patient Appreciation Tour

Bringing Daily Wellness to the i502 market.


The CPC is always working to provide the knowledge and education consumers want. Join us at the tour stops to learn about

  • becoming an authorized medical cannabis patient
  • the state database for medical Cannabis patients
  • state certified medical Cannabis consultants
  • the story of The CPC and the history of the products


It's all about wellness, your way. Meet subject matter experts and learn about

  • starting your own patient collective and grow.
  • build a consumption regimen that works for you.
  • ask real people with real experience using CPC products


It's summer in Seattle and we can't waste any of this precious sunlight. Come out to any stop on the tour to enjoy

  • Meet enthusiastic and excited CPC owners and staff.
  • Have a portrait taken to share on social media, share a story on video!